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Digital Obsession

Rantings of a musician, techno-geek, and parent

D' MacKinnon
15 June
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I write and produce music. I've also recently become a new parent!

I'm the main music writer behind a few bands, past and present and I've written some music for independent film.

My latest music project updates can be found here: www.dmackinnon.com. I mostly keep my personal stuff to Livejournal. I also have a myspace page.

I'm half-scottish, half-korean.

This journal is an experiment of sorts; exposing my daily life to complete strangers. If you add me I'll likely add you back until you cross the line, annoy me, or other various reasons I'd have to de-friend you (like not following 18th century social etiquette). I've recently moved back to Denver from New York City.

The good stuff is now friends only. Public posts are usually just the same as what's posted on my music production site.

You can purchase my latest release at one of the links below:

Divine Reich: An American Tragedy

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